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Slave Milks His Prostate After Extended Tease And Denial

My name is David, and I'm a slave boy. Like you most likely are, I've been interested in masturbation endurance training for quite some time. It's something my Mistress also enjoys, so we recently decided to undertake my training in this particular area.

I was extremely excited at first. Unfortunately, that excitement worked against me and made me cum faster than I should have, without Mistress's permission, in the first days of my training. I stayed in trouble a lot, as you can imagine, and actually spent some time in male chastity. Mistress was very frustrated with me and decided that I needed to learn a lesson.

After that disastrous series of events was over, I realized that I really needed to put my mind to this if I was going to do it. Mistress has always practiced orgasm control on me, but I saw that if I was going to succeed that I had to develop some control of my own. So I began working hard on increasing my stamina, instead of leaving it all to Mistress.

Mistress, in her perceptive way, saw the change in me immediately. She was determined to put it to the test! She began playing all kinds of tease and denial games with me, some of which I didn't even know she knew. It proved very hard for me to control myself when she pulled out some of her extreme cockteasing methods on me.

Sometimes, I could endure it, and sometimes, I couldn't. At some point, my failure began to rankle me, and I grew ashamed of my inability to control my cock at all times. I was doing better than I had done in the past, but there was still plenty of room for improvement. That was when Mistress introduced the concept of prostate milking to me.

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The First Time I Did Prostate Milking On Myself, I Was So Relieved

I'd heard of milking before, but I'd never tried it. I was willing to do anything, though, so I asked Mistress if she would mind giving me precise instructions on how to properly milk myself. She very kindly did so, and I was left to the task of doing it. If you've never tried prostate milking before, you can take a look at this essay, Prostate Milking For Extended Masturbation, to get an idea of what I did to myself.

After Mistress had spent most of the day teasing me like crazy, I asked permission to milk myself so that I could undergo even more teasing without screwing up and cumming. Mistress generously told me yes, and I set about following her milking instructions.

When I started the task of milking myself, my balls felt very heavy and uncomfortably full. They were tender and achy. I had blue balls. I'd heard that milking would help that feeling, but I had no idea how much relief I would get from it.

I lay down on my back, spread my legs, and worked a finger inside my tight ass. Once I got past the initial odd feeling of having something inside me, it started to feel good. It felt even better when I located my prostate gland with my finger and started to massage it. With one "come hither" motion, I was in Heaven!

Masturbation Endurance Training Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

It only took a few strokes of my finger before precum started to leak liberally from the head of my cock. There was so much of it. As soon as it started to dribble out, the pain in my balls began to ease. I milked and milked. I felt as though I'd massaged out gallons of precum by the time I finished, but in all actuality, it was probably not very much.

I can't even begin to tell you about the feeling of relief that I got once that immense pressure was removed. It took quite awhile to release all the tension. My cock would get hard sometimes, then grow soft, then get hard again. But, eventually, the pain was gone. I was ready to do some more tease and denial with Mistress.

I couldn't believe how easy it was to take even more cock teasing from her after I'd already been through so much of it that day. But the milking took away my pressing need to cum for awhile, which made it so much easier to endure her naughty games.

Now that Mistress and I see how well prostate milking works, we use it a lot. I can for long periods of time without cumming now because of it. I have so much more control over my own orgasm than I used to, especially when I milk myself before our tease and denial sessions.

Mistress thinks I'm well on the way to winning my own personal masturbation marathon, and I could not agree with her more!

Masturbation Marathon Mistresses Currently Available




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