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Tell me, have all your orgasms lately become quickies? It's so easy to take them for granted. I mean, that's what your dick is for, right? So you rub one off in the shower and then go on with your day. But is that all you've got?

I mean really?

It's a good thing you aren't screwing me. In fact, I wouldn't let you near me.

I'd like to see you stroke your cock for longer. ALOT longer.

I can't wait to hear the impatience in your voice during our guided masturbation session. Minutes go by and I'm letting you stroke your cock but you aren't allowed to come. Every once in a while I play a tease and denial game with you just to up the ante.

But as minutes turn into an hour, no doubt you are growing desperate. You just want to come, to feel the surge of pleasure throughout your body.

Too bad. You can't.

You see I've entered you in a marathon of sorts. The last one to stop stroking wins a prize. And you want a prize don't you? I don't have much faith that you can last.

Can you stroke that dick for two or three hours straight?

I can't wait to see you try.

Of course with the right training by me, you will be a jerk off marathoner in no time. And whoever you screw (if you get that chance) will be much more grateful for your longevity.