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Masturbation marathons? Those are just made for a cock teasing bitch like me! Making you stroke that rock hard cock for hours, bringing you to the edge over and over again, making you beg to cum. How much more fun could there be?

There are so many ways to have to stroke, too, so you won't get bored. That's why you have no control over that cock, isn't it. You just stroke one way and you're so bored, and you just figure it's time to cum. Not with Ms. Delia. I'll keep you interest.

Slow, soft stroking, stroking with only two fingers, rubbing that mushroom head. Peaking, where I keep you halfway to cumming for a while, then cock sprints to get you right to the edge, then maybe some stroking while you probe your hole with a butt plug. I'll make you massage that prostate so you produce lots of slick pre-cum for lube. You'll need a lot of lube, you don't want to chafe!

And when you're at the limit of your endurance, when the begging to cum becomes just moans and incomprehensible sounds, maybe I'll let cum. Or maybe I'll ruin the orgasm you've been building to for hours. Or maybe, I won't let you cum at all. All that work, and no climax, no finish line. It's like breaking down on Heartbreak Hill! It'll be a totally different kind of heartbreak though, won't it? That's okay, you can always call back and engage in another Masturbation Marathon session with your cock teasing masturbation coach, Ms. Delia.