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Imagine you have all afternoon to masturbate. Nothing to interfere with you, no issues to contend with. You have you, your hand and your cock. Now imagine me in your ear - whispering to you to stroke your cock over and over again. Giving you sensual instructions like only I can.

The edge is delicious. The precum is like drops of pearls oozing out of your aching cock. It???s like nothing you have ever imagined because my imagination and my instructions have taken you to a place that you don???t go to very often.

You see, when you take your time to edge and masturbate, you get to a place that is subspace. You forget about everything around you except for us and your masturbation. It is like a small vacation for you where I whisk you away. Masturbation can do that for you. It can take you to a sexy destination where I am the driver and you are the passenger in this erotic journey.

How does it feel to let someone else take control of your cock and tell you to just masturbate, stroke, masturbate, ejaculate??? mmmmmm.

This is what can happen, so let me hear your voice while you masturbate.