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I know you love to cum but let's hold off for a while because edge after edge will give you such an intense orgasm when I finally let you cum. That's right, I want to call the shots and tease till you wheeze and sputter, and finally cum big time.

Do what I say, grab that lube and listen to my bitch goddess voice coercing, guiding, and making you stop right at that edge to an almost ruined orgasm but saved for the next stroke, and the one after, and the one after that. I have a boy that loves to "glob", pushing out copious amounts of seminal fluid because he has been edged so many times for so long. That can be you.

Got toys? Good! Some boys swear by butt plugs, cock rings, and nipple stimulation making that stroking all the more pleasurable. Can you cum more than once? Twice? That won't be happening until I know you well. If you can multiple you will be my premiere stroke marathoner. We will see. Until then let's do the distance with fantasy role play or none at all, just my voice and your hand on "my" cock. I take ownership during our call and you will listen to my instructions.

I have more of a strict approach to masturbation management. If you prefer a sensual session then by all means we will give you what you need for maximum enjoyment!