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So tell me, how long can you last?

That's the ultimate question isn't it? No doubt you jack off all the time but does that really do you any good?

The more you stroke your cock, the shorter your orgasms will become until the word 'quickie' has a whole new meaning for you.

But don't worry; Mistress Ryan is here to help you.

Think of me as your jack off coach, the one that pushes you to stroke longer and faster. After all, you want to be the masturbation marathon champion don't you? So how do we train?

First of all, you don't get to come all the time. Oh, I will let you stroke your cock but you will learn restraint. A few tease and denial sessions with me and you will be begging me to let you come.

But soon you will discover that your cock is stronger and it lasts longer. There will be no coddling here. I will push you past your limits. Don't think you can last until the end?

You'd be surprised.

And all those shallow, boring orgasms you had when you jacked off multiple times a day will be a thing of the past.

Not that you will be in permanent chastity now. I will let you come of course but it will be in the manner of my choosing. And only when I think you have really deserved it.

So, tell me, do you think you can be a champion?

Let's see if you can outlast all of the other boys.