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Firstly, you know this call is going to take awhile, hours most likely. Be prepared with lots of stroking tools so I may be creative and amused. I especially like pass the penis. This allows me to pass you around while I take care of Princess things and think of other things to do with you. Mostly you will be marathon stroking for me. You will edge and stroke, stop and start again, entertain me, and enjoy the promise of an orgasm. If you request many edges with an orgasm at the end, then you will. It will be hard work, but you will do it because I say so.

I do believe you called this listing to test your strength and endurance. Just consider us masturbatrix endurance trainers and you are our trainees. Sometimes this marathon may require multiple orgasms. Not every trainee can do that. I have had a trainee cum four times in a row. Can you win that marathon? How about a pass the penis, cumming with four Mistresses one after the other then coming back to me to stroke and cum for four more times? Now that is a specialty.

Mostly you will be stroking and edging for a long time. The online metronome would determine the beat and speed, online porn will circuit along edging from one scene to another. Tease sites will give you homework. Assignments will keep you focused. You may have your own favorite games you enjoy. You may like to Skype your stroking as I guide the strokes. Like to eat your cum? For that you will need to give permissions to cum. Masturbation marathons are far from boring. Send me an email appointment so I can plan to spend tease time with you.