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Ruined Orgasm As Orgasm Control

Hello, gentlemen. I am a mature Mistress who has lots of experience when it comes to cock control. You wouldn't believe the number of men I've led around by the balls over the years. The old saying is certainly true. When you get them by the balls, their hearts and minds absolutely do follow!

I've been doing masturbation endurance training for several years. I'd actually been doing a form of it for longer than that, but I've since developed and refined my technique. It's worked with many different men from all walks of life. I even have pretty good reason to believe that I could train men who have a problem with premature ejaculation to last much longer than they already do.

But that's neither here nor there, is it? What we're here today to talk about is how I use ruined orgasms as a way to extend a man's sexual stamina.

What Is A Ruined Orgasm?

I suppose we should begin by explaining what a ruined orgasm is for those of you who don't know. It's quite simple and exactly what it sounds like, actually. There are quite a few ways to ruin a man's orgasm (and I have my own favorites), but they all lead a man to the point of orgasm; then, the orgasm is either abandoned, so that it's completely unsatisfying, or it's abruptly taken away, so that ejaculation never occurs.

As you can imagine, ruined orgasms serve only to increase sexual frustration, rather than relieving it like an orgasm of the non-ruined variety does. They also tend to reduce the urge to ejaculate, thus leaving the man's cock all nice and hard to continue his lengthy tease and denial session.

Additionally, there is a mindfuck component to a ruined orgasm that does not exist with pure orgasm denial. In denial or chastity, a man knows without question that no matter how much he is teased, he will not be allowed to cum. As long as I don't reveal my intention of ruining his orgasm beforehand, however, a man won't know that he's going to get all the way to the edge and then have his parade rained upon.

I must have a bit of a sadistic streak, as there is just something about getting a man's hopes up, only to crush them beneath my feet that amuses me more than words can express....

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Mistress Uses Ruined Orgasms To Enhance Masturbation Endurance Training

In my opinion, when it comes to cock control and increasing a man's sexual endurance, nothing beats ruined orgasms. As was mentioned in the "What Is The Masturbation Marathon?" essay, as a man (or woman) masturbates, there is a buildup of sexual energy. That sexual energy is held in and around the genitals, and it provides the "fuel," so to speak for one's orgasms.

In essence, what ruined orgasms do is take away the need for ejaculation while leaving every ounce of that sexual energy in place. This is especially the case when the ruined orgasm involves retrograde ejaculation.

Retrograde ejaculation is a fancy term for what happens if you put your finger or some other object over the opening of your urethra as you start to cum. If you hold it tightly enough, you will orgasm, but no fluid will be released. You'll still be horny and desperately aching for release because none of your sexual energy will have dissipated, but you won't be on the verge of ejaculating anymore because your cum has already gone back into your body. Rather devious in its simplicity, isn't it?

Since you'll still be turned on, I can continue on with whatever guided masturbation instructions I have for you, and I won't have to worry about you ending our session prematurely by getting off before I give you permission!

Eventually, through the use of ruined orgasms, especially in conjunction with other forms of orgasm control, you'll be able to prevent yourself from orgasming before you're ready or before you've been given permission. I won't need to ruin your orgasm for you anymore because you will develop the self-discipline to stop yourself before you go tumbling over the edge.

The upshot of all this is that you'll be able to use what you learn about retrograde ejaculation and such to increase your stamina while masturbating. And once you've gotten really, really good at it, you'll be able to run a full masturbation marathon without even getting winded.

Ok, perhaps you will get a bit winded.

Masturbation Marathon Mistresses Currently Available




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