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Psychology Of Cock Control

Cock control is one of those things that many Mistresses choose to subject their submissives to. Each Mistress, of course, has her own individual reasons for doing so, but often, the overarching psychology behind these Mistresses' reasoning is very similar.

Scientifically speaking, sex is considered one of humans' basic needs, as it is the primary means of reproduction in the species. The sexual urge in men is particularly strong, and they tend to enjoy masturbation quite a bit. So even masturbation, while obviously not a means of reproduction, can be considered a basic need, to some degree. That's why cock control is such a powerful weapon for a Mistress. When she controls her submissive's cock, she is, in essence, holding the tool for one of his basic needs in her hands.

At first, a submissive may be a little apprehensive at the thought of orgasm control. When it comes right down to it, his giving his Mistress control over his cock and his orgasms is akin to his giving her control over the house he lives in, the food he eats, and the clothes he wears. So it's understandable that he may have some misgivings at first.

Eventually, though, as the submissive gains more trust in his Mistress, he may become curious about orgasm control at her hands. It's normal for this curiosity to start out slowly. Perhaps he may beg her to engage in some light tease and denial during one of their play sessions. As the relationship goes on, the level of cock control sees a gradual increase.

Cock Control Does Not Necessarily Mean Male Chastity

One of the great fears a male submissive may have when the topic of orgasm control comes up is the fear of being put into male chastity. However, not every Femdom Mistress is interested in locking her submissive in chastity. Cock control means different things to different Mistresses.

If neither the submissive nor the Mistress is interested in chastity, there are other alternatives. A common favorite of both Mistresses and submissives is guided masturbation. Mistresses tend to get great pleasure out of giving their submissives masturbation instructions because it makes them feel even more powerful than they already are. Submissives, for their part, enjoy follow these instructions because it makes them feel more submissive and more at the mercy of their Mistresses' whims.

Sometimes, cock control through the use of guided masturbation goes even farther. Sometimes, it turns into an outright masturbation marathon for the submissive in question.

Masturbation Marathon Mistresses Currently Available


Masturbation Marathons Are Exciting For Both Mistress And Submissive

When the submissive gets to the point that he's ready for it, the Mistress may choose to have him undergo masturbation endurance training. Masturbation endurance training increases the sexual stamina of the submissive, results in better orgasms for the submissive, and also demonstrates to the Mistress that the submissive trusts her.

A perceptive Mistress understands that when her submissive gives up enough control of his cock that she can put him through extreme cockteasing, he is placing a good deal of trust in her. It means that he has enough faith in her to surrender one of his basic needs to her. Most Mistresses are very honored by this act of trust from their submissives and will reward them accordingly.

Each time the Mistress uses her submissive's cock responsibly, he learns to trust her more and more. Gradually, his doubts and fears and anxieties fade away. Once he's completely comfortable with the idea of surrendering his cock to her 100%, he may come to her and ask if she would like to extend her orgasm control of his cock to every aspect of his life.

Before a submissive chooses to turn his cock over to the control of a dominant Mistress, he should take every precaution necessary to be sure that he is giving up the control to a responsible person. Once he's sure of that, he should approach her very respectfully about the subject and accept whatever decision that she makes with grace.

Again, most Mistresses will be very honored that their submissives trust them enough to allow them that kind of control over that basic need. 24/7 cock control is certainly not an activity to be taken lightly, but when it's done with lots of forethought, it is most definitely an act of trust on the parts of both the submissive and the Mistress. The submissive trusts that his Mistress will take good care of him while he is under her control of his cock, and the Mistress trusts that her submissive will follow all of her commands.



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