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Masturbation Marathon: Stories and Essays About Masturbation

A good way to describe exactly what a masturbation marathon is would be "masturbation endurance training." Our Mistresses all have specific training regimens that they will put you through in order to build your endurance when it comes to masturbation. Read more about the Masturbation Marathon.

Orgasm edging is one of those things that is absolutely critical to your masturbation training. Without it, you won't get anywhere. Since it's such an important part of masturbation endurance training, we've put together a guide for you that explains what orgasm edging is and how to do it. Read more about the steps of orgasm edging.

Hi there, boys. I know this site is, technically, about masturbation endurance training, but in my book, masturbation doesn't always have to be a solo activity. You can be masturbated by someone else just as easily as you can masturbate yourself. Agreed? So it naturally follows that a masturbation manager may be someone who tells you how to masturbate or someone who takes matters into her own hands, so to speak. Read more about My favorite tease and denial scene.

I suppose you're wondering why a masturbation marathon session would be deemed necessary. It's a rather simple question, answered with a few simple examples. These examples explore some of the whys and hows of the masturbation marathon phenomenon. Read more about the reasons for masturbation marathons.

In hopes of becoming a better slave through self-denial, I happily subjected myself to being locked in chastity for my wonderful Mistress. It took me a little while to get used to it, but after the initial adjustment, I was content with my life as Mistress's chastity slave. However, recently, Mistress has decided that it's time to change things up a little. She thinks I have finally learned to control myself, so she's going to give me a new challenge: masturbation endurance training.

Masturbation endurance training is exactly what it sounds like. It's a way of teaching slaves to increase their stamina and endurance when it comes to masturbation and, by extension, all other things sexual. A slave may have multiple reasons for wanting to undergo this, not the least of which is how much this kind of training improves his orgasm. On the other hand, his Mistress may decide that he would benefit greatly from it. Read more about Guided Masturbation: The Key to Endurance Training.

Sometimes, men want to try a masturbation marathon, but they aren't sure how they'll ever be able to do it. They look at the >extreme cockteasing involved and think that there's no way they could possibly stand all that. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, as it were. But what these men don't realize is that there is a way to make those extended tease and denial sessions more bearable. How? Through the use of prostate milking!

It proved very hard for me to control myself when Mistress pulled out some of her extreme cockteasing methods to use on me. Sometimes, I could endure it, and sometimes, I couldn't. At some point, my failure began to rankle me, and I grew ashamed of my inability to control my cock at all times. I was doing better than I had done in the past, but there was still plenty of room for improvement. That was when Mistress introduced the concept of prostate milking to me. Read more about milking the prostate for extended tease and denial.

Some men complete the first five most common masturbation marathon challenges (which you can find in the "Common Masturbation Marathon Challenges" essay) and feel as if they are unstoppable, but that's not necessarily true. A masturbation manager always has something extra in store for the masturbation enthusiast. Tease and denial will remain a crucial aspect of the games we play, but there will be added aspects to tantalize you further and create new arousing and intense situations. The entire time you will be gently, yet firmly guided by your masturbation Mistress. Read more about tease and denial games.

Here at Masturbation Marathon there are plenty of challenges for you to try to overcome. In time, perhaps, you will overcome them all and become a masturbation master of sorts. All of our Femdom Mistresses are well equipped with the methods of carrying out various types of masturbation marathon competitions, but there are some of the most popular masturbation endurance challenges.

Everyone likes to mix things up with guided masturbation. In fact, that is what will make it really fun in the end. What is better than a good challenge? Here at Masturbation Marathon there are plenty of challenges for you to try to overcome. In time, perhaps, you will overcome them all and become a masturbation master of sorts. All of our Femdom Mistresses are well equipped with the methods of carrying out various types of masturbation marathon competitions, but there are some that are more popular. Learn more about the Masturbation Marathon.

Are you prepared for the masturbatio marathon? It requires a good bit of training but in the end, you'll have better control of your improved orgasms. Can you last? Ms. Meredith gives you tips and tricks to improve your endurance in how long can you keep stroking?


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Are you considering masturbation endurance training but not quite sure what to expect? Perhaps you'll want to take a look at the Ten Commandments for Masturbation Endurance Training. The commandments have been broken up into two parts so that you can take time between the first and second parts to reflect on what you've read and to decide if you're still interested in undergoing training. Read the continuation of the Ten Commandments for Masturbation Endurance Training.

Cock control is one of those things that many Mistresses choose to subject their submissives to. Each Mistress, of course, has her own individual reasons for doing so, but often, the overarching psychology behind these Mistresses' reasoning is very similar. Read more about the Psychology of Cock Control.

I've been doing masturbation endurance training for several years. I'd actually been doing a form of it for longer than that, but I've since developed and refined my technique. It's worked with many different men from all walks of life. I even have pretty good reason to believe that I could train men who have a problem with premature ejaculation to last much longer than they already do. It's through a technique called ruined orgasm.

Once there was a Mistress who had two slaves. This Mistress was a very capable and smart Mistress, in addition to being very beautiful. Her slaves obeyed every word she uttered. Every command from "Clean my boots" to "Paint my house" was always fulfilled in a timely manner, and she found she wanted for nothing. She wore designer labels for her everyday clothing when not clad in the shiniest of leather. Her boots were shined to a mirror sheen from the constant attention from her slaves' tongues. She ate the finest foods, and drank the finest wines. And yet, she found herself, on this particular eve, bored. That's when she got the idea to create a mastubation marathon for her slaves. You'll want to read masturbation marathon part two and masturbation marathon part three to find out exactly how things turn out.

Hey, boys! Do you want to take part in the super-fun and exciting masturbation marathon, huh? Well, guess what. I want to help you out with that. So who am I? I am the bratty Femdom Mistress who's going to help you achieve your goal of having more stamina while doing sexual things and vastly improving the quality of your orgasms. Read more Bratty Coed Femdom's Tease and Denial Fun.

Everyone needs a partner for athletic training, and masturbation marathon training is no different. I know it is always easier for me to train when I have a little friendly competition to help keep me focused on the goal. Plus, no one wants to be alone when they are getting all hot and steamy under the covers late at night. I love having a partner when I masturbate. There is something so hot about two people guiding each other and trying so hard to outlast one another in a friendly and sexy masturbation competition. Read more about participating in a masturbation marathon with your Mistress.

One does not just start out running a marathon without the proper training. It is the same way for the masturbation marathon. You must prepare and train for it. Ms. Ryan discusses ways to increase sexual stamina for the masturbation marathon.



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