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What is a Masturbation Marathon?

by Ms. Lena of www.thekinkadvisor.com

Some men need a little more direction than others. Or maybe, it just sends a little jolt through your cock to hear a feminine voice telling you what to do. Guided masturbation is a perfect way to surrender your will and enhance erections. Especially for those chronic strokers out there, help can be found with any of the mistresses on this site.

What is a masturbation marathon? Have you ever run a real 26.2 mile marathon? If not, imagine the stamina it takes. For those who have completed one, apply that concept to masturbation. You have to last much longer than a normal jerk and squirt session! A masturbation marathon will involve some serious edging. Mistress will instruct you to stroke yourself, in a rhythmic pattern until you feel the sensation of orgasm nearing.

Masturbation Marathon Training

You won't be allowed to orgasm though. Perhaps she will tell you to squeeze the shaft of your manhood tightly, to stop the flow of semen. Maybe your hand will be slapped away abruptly, as you feel the cum begin to back up into your balls.One thing is for certain, your Masturbatrix will use many games of tease and denial. She may have you flip a trick coin, giving the illusion of the possibility of orgasm. Most often, this doesn't end well for you.

"Why do I need a Masturbatrix? I can edge by myself ", you may ask. A masturbatrix is necessary, to carry out methods of cock control. The tendency when you masturbate alone, is to hurry and get to orgasm. A Masturbatrix here will never let you get away with that. She is here to guide you on stroking techniques with pressure variation. Different hand positions may also be tried, to vary the sensation you feel as stroking time increases.

Orgasm Edging and Masturbation Training

During your masturbation marathon, different toys can be used. Mistress might have you masturbate wearing a cock ring. Keeping yourself hard longer, will intensify every stroke to keep you on the edge.Perhaps, she will instruct you to use some form of anal stimulation, as a sensory overload experiment. It is well known, that even a little anal contact produces more pleasure for a man. Imagine having a vibrating plug in your ass, as mistress tells you to jerk your cock.

As you become better, at controlling your orgasmic desires, mistress may decide that she can have you edge for hours then send you to bed with no orgasm at all. This may sound cruel, but she knows what you need. Besides, that is where the denial part comes in. You may or may NOT be allowed to have an orgasm. It is her choice, but you can always give begging a try! Sometimes, a masturbatrix likes to really test a sub's will. You may find that, if you are allowed to orgasm, the time between those orgasms gets longer.

To add a little bit of an interesting twist to things, you may find yourself wearing a chastity device. Not that mistress doesn't trust you. She wants to remove all temptation in between your sessions together! The mistresses here are looking forward to testing your limits. They will show you and your cock who's boss!