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Welcome to the Masturbation Marathon!

Do you have what it takes to go the distance?

Can you outlast, out stroke, out masturbate?

Do you just love to masturbate? Do you masturbate for hours at a time, working hard to stay right on the edge without going over? Do you think you have what it takes to be the last stroker masturbating?

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Want The Ultimate Masturbation Marathon Experience? Play Pass the Penis!

by Mistress Rachel of www.sensual-domme.com

So you've made it here. That means at the very least you are curious about being pushed to your limits as far as masturbation duration, edging, tease and denial, and orgasm delay are concerned. Or maybe you're far beyond the experimental stage, you've worked with a Femdom Mistress for a long time in developing your stamina and capacity for the delay of gratification, and you just want to try something new. Whether you're the former or the latter, playing Pass the Penis can take your masturbation marathon to new levels of erotic tease and torment!

What's Pass the Penis?

Pass the Penis is a game you can arrange to play either through one of your chosen Mistresses, or our friendly dispatchers. You'll assemble as many Mistresses in back to back calls as you like (subject to their availability), and get passed to each one in succession as they work their particular brand of guided masturbation magic on you! Usually, strokers who are playing Pass the Penis will play with a given Mistress for ten minutes at a stretch, but you can arrange to have the last Mistress in the gauntlet keep you for as long as you think you can handle it.

The usual goal is to delay your orgasm as long as possible, with each Mistress admonishing or encouraging you not to spill a drop as she puts you through your paces, but if you're into coerced masturbation and orgasm, and want to be commanded to continue to stroke even after you've cum, that can happen. Some stroker boys who are into orgasm denial will arrange to be denied by every Mistress down the line, including the last Mistress with whom they play. They prefer to finish with blue balls and an aching, throbbing cock, with only the endorphin that tends to flood the brain when one is constantly at the edge for consolation. Many boys look forward to the explosive orgasm they experience when allowed to release after such a long trial. Some like to be surprised, and leave the decision up to the Mistress, without knowing what that decision will be until the very end. The point is, the logistics and dynamics of the Pass the Penis game can be arranged to accommodate any of these, as long as you understand that once the game begins, your only option is to obey!

Got other fetishes?

When you stroke your cock, do you like a little anal play? Are you into nipple stimulation or a little bit of CBT? Do you need a spanking for being such a compulsive stroker? Do you enjoy verbal humiliation, or do you prefer a more sensual tone? Are you a sissy who wants each Mistress to choose an article of feminine clothing for you to put on to accompany her stroking instructions? What ever auxiliary fetishes you usually indulge when masturbating, or even want to try for the first time along with your Pass the Penis masturbation marathon, can be incorporated into your game. Just make sure you 1.) have nearby what ever toys or tools that will be needed 2.) communicate your tastes to whomever is setting up your session, and 3.) realize that the employment of your fetishes, tastes, or tools need to be tailored to fit the time allotted with each Mistress.

You could spend all day stroking!

Why not, right? As many Mistresses as are available can take their turn putting you through your paces! The only limit is your stamina, and I promise, you'll break before we will. But that's the point, isn't it? To see just how far you can go? To stroke until those balls have reached capacity, or even further? Well if you think you can stroke forever, and you're looking for a true masturbation marathon, Pass the Penis is an excellent way to test that theory!



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