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The Steps Of Orgasm Edging

Orgasm edging is one of those things that is absolutely critical to your masturbation training. Without it, you won't get anywhere. Since it's such an important part of masturbation endurance training, we've put together this guide for you that explains what orgasm edging is and how to do it.

First of all, let's define the term "orgasm edging," shall we? Orgasm edging is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You bring yourself to the "edge" of orgasm without ever actually letting yourself cum. You get yourself excited, and you teeter right on the brink of cumming, then you stop all stimulation and allow yourself to calm down and back off the edge before starting again. The number of times that you do this in a single masturbation session is up to you or your masturbation manager.

The purpose of orgasm edging is twofold. First, the more you practice edging, the longer you will be able to last during each masturbation session. Second, the more times you are able to bring yourself to the brink and then stop during a session, the more intense your orgasm will be when you finally let yourself fall off the edge and into the precipice.

How To Engage In Orgasm Edging, With Or Without A Mistress

One of the most common ways that a Femdom Mistress teaches her submissive boys to edge themselves is with the "number" method.

Have you ever been to a doctor's office or a hospital and seen the poster that shows the various levels of pain? It's on a numerical scale. No pain at all would register as a zero on the scale, while the worst pain you could possibly be in without losing consciousness would register as a ten on the scale.

It's helpful to think of that scale when beginning your orgasm control training with edging. In this case, though, we won't be measuring pain. Instead, we'll be measuring how close you are to orgasm. So the scale would be something like this:

0 = No arousal at all; a soft penis

1 = Intellectually stimulated, but little to no response in penis

2 = The first stirrings of an erection

3 = Half of a hard-on

4 = A full-blown erection

5 = Orgasm slowly building, but not imminent

6 = Orgasm getting closer; perhaps precum is appearing on the tip of the penis

7 = More precum with balls drawing closer to the body as orgasm approaches

8 = Only a little more stimulation is required for orgasm

9 = Any more stimulation at all, and orgasm will happen

10 = Orgasm

For our purposes, we aren't too interested in zero through four on the scale. We're more concerned with what's happening at the latter end of the spectrum.

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Masturbation Endurance Training Begins

To begin your edging session, go ahead and do whatever you need to do to get yourself to about a 5 on the scale. You'll need to masturbate, of course, but you may also read an erotic story, watch porn, or simply fantasize about something that really turns you on.

Now, once you get to 5, you must be very conscious of where you are on the scale because you don't want to accidentally cum too soon. Continue masturbating and notice how your body responds as you move up the scale. Concentrate on your reactions, so that you can get to where you'll know exactly where you are by how your body responds without having to pay any particular attention to what's going on as you move up the scale.

Keep masturbating until you reach a 7 on the scale. Then, stop! Try not to think about anything sexual while you're allowing yourself to calm down. At 7, sexual thoughts alone aren't likely to make you cum, but you should get in the habit of not having these thoughts in your "down" time as you continue up the scale. When you get to a 9, it's entirely possible that you may cum from erotic thoughts, even after physical stimulation has stopped, and we don't want that!

Try this a couple of times. Bring yourself up to a 7, then stop and let yourself recover. Then, you may work your way up higher on the scale to an 8. Once you get this high, the desire to keep going and let yourself cum may be great, but don't give in to it! That will completely defeat the purpose of your masturbation marathon training, and it may very well get you in trouble with a strict Mistress as well.

Once you get to an 8 on the scale, stop once more. Once you've cooled off sufficiently (say, back down to a 5 or 6), work your way back up to an 8 again. Then, stop! Allow your body to relax for a bit, and allow your arousal to subside.

Next comes the hard part. Work your way all the way up the scale to a 9. Do NOT under any circumstances allow yourself to cum. Bring yourself all the way to the edge and STOP! Think about how you feel. Your balls are heavy and full, and your whole body is probably tingling. Your cock is raging hard, and you'd do anything to cum right now. Don't give in to the temptation yet.

After you've sufficiently cooled down from this last round of stroking yourself, you may then allow yourself to cum if you like.

The instructions above, of course, describe a very short orgasm edging session. As you develop more self-discipline, you'll want to increase the number of times that you bring yourself up to an 8 or a 9 before you allow yourself to cum. A good idea is to decide on the number of times that you're going to edge yourself in a session before you ever begin, as making a decision like that in the heat of the moment is often hard to do.

Another form of teasing that you might want to try is to edge yourself multiple times in one day without allowing yourself to cum at all. Some men enjoy carrying that sexual energy around all day, and it will certainly make for a mind-blowing orgasm once you do allow yourself to cum!



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