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Prostate Milking For Extended Masturbation

Sometimes, men want to try a masturbation marathon, but they aren't sure how they'll ever be able to do it. They look at the extreme cockteasing involved and think that there's no way they could possibly stand all that. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, as it were.

But what these men don't realize is that there is a way to make those extended tease and denial sessions more bearable. How? Through the use of prostate milking!

You know how you get the feeling of pressure and heaviness in your balls (and possibly your whole pelvic region) during a long and drawn out teasing scene? After so long, holding back your orgasm eventually becomes painful, a condition better known as blue balls. If the teasing continues on after that, you will eventually lose control and cum, whether you want to or not. Milking, however, is a good way to prevent that from happening.

What Is Prostate Milking And How Do I Do It?

Prostate milking is a way of bleeding off excess pressure and seminal fluid without orgasm. The pressure you feel is from the buildup of fluid inside your prostate gland and your testicles. If some of this fluid is released, the pressure is reduced, and so is your need to orgasm.

In order to accomplish this, you'll need to stimulate your prostate gland. There are two ways to stimulate your prostate, the indirect method and the direct method.

The indirect method requires you to apply lots of pressure to the perineum, which is the area between your testicles and your anus. It's often known as the "taint." If you take a finger or two and massage that area very hard, you can sometimes stimulate your prostate. Unfortunately, this method is very tiring, and since prostate milking generally takes a while, it's not a practical way to accomplish it. Instead, most people choose to use the direct method.

The direct method is a little more invasive. It requires you to slide a finger or two into your anus until you find the prostate gland. Most men find that this is easier if they use lube and latex gloves.

The ideal position for stimulating your prostate with your finger inside yourself is lying on your back. It may be a bit of an awkward reach, but it's much easier this way than with other positions. If you don't think your arms are quite long enough, you may want to invest in a curved dildo for this purpose. Dildos that are marketed as g-spot dildos for women work well.

If you've never done any anal play up until now, the essay Sissy Anal Training may be invaluable to you. It has plenty of information about how to train yourself to accept objects into your ass without pain. You'll most likely find it very helpful, whether you're a sissy or not.

Ready? Good! Put on your glove and lube up both your hand and your anal region (and your dildo if you're using one). Slowly ease your finger or your toy inside. You will need to go a couple of inches in order to reach your prostate. If you find that your finger is not long enough, a dildo will serve you well.

Point your finger or the curved dildo upward, so that the pad of your finger or the end of the toy is pointed toward the front side of your body. The prostate gland is walnut-shaped gland that will feel somewhat hard to the touch. When you locate it, make a gentle "come here" motion, curling your finger upward, or carefully rock your dildo back and forth. You'll probably notice that this feels very good, but if you feel any pain, stop immediately.

Experiment with different motions and touches. Find what feels best to you and use those to stimulate your prostate gland. If you do this long enough, you will start to see some fluid--what's normally known as "precum"--making its way out of your penis. The longer you massage your prostate, the more fluid you will produce. This is what's known as the "milking" process.

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How To Use Prostate Milking To Help With Your Masturbation Endurance Training

Now that you've learned the hows and wherefores of prostate milking, it's time to discuss how this technique can be used to help with your masturbation endurance training. You may use milking in one of two ways.

First, you can use milking to relieve the painful feeling of "blue balls" after an extended period of tease and denial. Milking will bleed off some of the fluid that has built up inside you and will help some of the pain subside. The removal of the pressure will also enable you to continue on with your endurance training after you milk yourself if you so desire.

The second way you can use milking to help you with your masturbation training is to milk yourself before you begin a training session. The loss of seminal fluid pre-training will allow you to go much longer before the feeling of blue balls ever sets in.

As you can see, prostate milking is a valuable tool for masturbation endurance training. We hope that you're able to use it to further your stamina and ultimately improve the quality of your orgasms!

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