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Guided Masturbation, The Key To The Masturbation Marathon

Masturbation endurance training is exactly what it sounds like. It's a way of teaching slaves to increase their stamina and endurance when it comes to masturbation and, by extension, all other things sexual. A slave may have multiple reasons for wanting to undergo this, not the least of which is how much this kind of training improves his orgasm. On the other hand, his Mistress may decide that he would benefit greatly from it.

I am one of those Femdom Mistresses who believes that almost all men can benefit from masturbation endurance training. It certainly makes their orgasms better for them, but it also makes them more obedient toward me and improves their own orgasm control. Self-discipline is a must in a slave, and this type of training is one of the fastest ways to develop it.

Different Mistresses have different ways of accomplishing this, and most of them--myself included--use a variety of techniques to do it. However, the one method that is at the heart of all my masturbation endurance training is guided masturbation.

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Why This Femdom Mistress Uses Guided Masturbation

When men masturbate by themselves, they get into certain habits. Most of the time, when masturbating, they simply go for the quickest and easiest route to their goal, which is orgasm. This is all well and good, but it has a tendency to make slaves lazy and their orgasms boring. What I seek to do with guided masturbation is to undo these bad habits and show my slaves the wonders of masturbation endurance training. I have not yet had one tell me that he didn't thoroughly enjoy the journey.

The first thing I do before beginning my guided masturbation instructions is to watch my slave masturbate on his own at least once. Watching him do it multiple times is preferable, but if there's some reason we need to hurry his cock control along, then watching him do it once is better than never having the opportunity to watch him at all.

What I'm doing when I watch him stroke for me is evaluating the way he normally gets himself off. This establishes a baseline for me to use when making his custom guided masturbation plan in my head.

Once I feel I have a pretty good handle on how he usually jerks off, I begin by having him do something different than he normally does. A good example of this is having a right-handed man masturbate with his left hand instead. It sounds silly, but it actually does make a huge difference, as his non-dominant hand has not been conditioned in how he tends to pleasure himself.

I always start off with something easy and non-threatening like that. It helps insure compliance and keeps me from having to give long and complicated instructions to a beginner.

Ramping Up Guided Masturbation Techniques For Masturbation Endurance Training

Once we've gotten past the initial stages of guided masturbation, I start adding in other elements, like tease and denial. I never stray too far from my intended purpose, though, which is to break his regular masturbation habits by consistently changing up his jerk off routine. Sometimes, I may have him hump objects like pillows or the edge of his mattress. At other times, I might have him use a masturbation device like a pocket pussy or even have him make his own homemade masturbation device.

I also incorporate things like ruined orgasms and extreme cockteasing into his training regimen. I never go all the way into outright orgasm denial for any length of time, though. I feel that when my slave has performed well and done all that I expect of him, he should be allowed to have his release to reward him for his excellent work.

I have trained many slaves to undergo a masturbation marathon using guided masturbation. All of them have seen a huge improvement in their sexual stamina and in the quality of their orgasms. They also learn a lot of new things as far as what pleases them and what gets them off.

But most of all, they get the satisfaction of knowing that they have pleased me by accomplishing all these things. And I, too, enjoy training a slave to obey his dominant Mistress in my cock control exercises. So, basically, guided masturbation is a winner all the way around. Aren't you ready to give it a try now? I'm sure you'll find it just as wonderful as my own slaves have found it. You'll be amazed at what you can discover about yourself and your body using these techniques.



Sessions are 2.75 per minute with a mimimum of 10 minutes. 18+ only. Block sessions are available for $150. Please see the "Sessions" section on the menu at the top of this page for more information on sessions, billing, and alternate payment methods.